Silly girl,
your different was your beautiful all along.

- Atticus

Hey, hey!It's Alycia here!

When I'm not behind the camera you can catch me living life to the fullest with my high school sweetheart of a husband, Bryan, our attitude packed yet ever so sweet son, Cameron and our newest little baby boy, Dawson! 

I'm a Wedding Photographer based in Wichita, KS documenting emotive love stories that live on. 

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Hey, hey
It's Alycia here!

Silly girl,
your different was your beautiful all along.

- Atticus

Most nights I'm up late reading a romance novel telling myself the lies of 'just one more chapter'. I've read an entire book in one night countless times and I've got no regrets.



My husband and I count going to the gym together as a 'date'. It's honestly one of our favorite places to go. I dread cardio but love me some weight training!

I am crazy obsessed with astrology, the enneagram and just about any other personality test out there. I love learning other peoples' signs and types (must be the empath in me) and reading into their traits. I'm a virgo, basically stating I'm a perfection (this is true) and I'm an Enneagram 9w1. Can't wait to learn yours!

Rom Com Movies and
Romance Novels.

ALL the coffee.

Justin Bieber
(yep, I've got that bieber fever).

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
(it's a problem).

Graphic Tees & Converse.

An ice cold Michelob Ultra.

Sundays spent with my Family.


Weight Training.

I am so blessed to be doing what I love

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The joyful energy and emotions that fill up a wedding day are so special to not only witness but to also capture. I am crazy passionate about my job and forming relationships with my couples is my absolute favorite part!

I want you to walk away from this experience with galleries full of beautiful photos to cherish forever and a new friend (hi, that's me).

To me the best part of a wedding day is seeing so much love in the space.